Como Lake

The territory

The territory of the Lake Como is characterized by an abundance of natural environments and for this reason offers itineraries to suit any trips to nature lovers and will know better than walking along a short stretch of trail, as well as the more experienced walker and trained.

Notoriously, the Middle and Upper Lario are perfect destinations for the practice of water sports and sailing, attracting enthusiasts from all over Italy and especially from abroad who, in the summer months, “challenge” each other in numerous competitions that dot the colored sails. waters of the Lario. The success of sailing sports is made possible above all thanks to the “breva”, the traditional breeze that blows from south to north and which is the ideal and inexhaustible “fuel” for those who want to have fun with windsurfing, sailing and kite-surfing. At times when the lake is calmer it is possible to practice water skiing, wake-boarding and canoing.

Find out what to do:

Dongo, a country rich in history

Dongo is an active center of northwestern Lario. The most ancient inhabited nucleus arose in an elevated position where the fraction ofMartinico is located, afterwards the center expanded in the plain crossed by the Albano

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Abbazia di Piona

The abbey of Piona, or more precisely, the Priory of Piona, a typical building of the art in squared stone, also reachable from the lake by boat, is a rare jewel of Lombard Romanesque architecture.

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End of the war museum – Dongo

Dongo is the place where Benito Mussoliniand the fascist ministers of the RSI (Italian Social Republic) were captured on 27th April 1945. They were all taken to the Town Hall, in Palazzo Manzi, in order

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Castello di Vezio

At the center of Lake Como, on the promontory overlooking Varenna, stands for over a thousand years, the Castle of Vezio, an ancient military outpost of low medieval origin erected to defend and control the

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Palazzo Gallio

It is one of the most visited places in Gravedona, whose roots lie both in the history of the small village and among the powers of the wealthy European lords of the 1600s. The sumptuous

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Boat Rental

Are you going to rent a boat to enjoy the extraordinary beauty of Lake Como or just to swim undisturbed in the middle of the lake, but you do not know how or where? Then

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Slides, diving chutes and descents with the rope. During the activity you will explore the most beautiful places that nature has to offer. Canyoning is a unique experience that does not require special skills. You

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Do you want to fly and feel free as an eagle? With the Biposto Paragliding, flying over Lake Como, you will experience a unique adventure and admire from the sky one of the most beautiful

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Menaggio & Cadenabbia Golf Club

TheMenaggio and Cadenabbia Golf Club is an Italian golf club founded in 1907 in Menaggio in Croce, a few kilometers from Dongo. Initially the course was 9 holes, but was later extended to 18; the

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Lake Como Adventure Park

Live a fantastic day! Lake Como Adventure Park is an adventure park located on the western shore of Lake Como, one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, just 20 minutes away from Gravedona.

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L’orrido di Bellano

Bellano is located on the eastern shore of the lake, where flows the Pioverna stream, which descends from Valsassina. The Orrido is a natural gorge formed by the waters of the stream, crossed by ladders

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