Castello di Vezio

At the center of Lake Como, on the promontory overlooking Varenna, stands for over a thousand years, the Castle of Vezio, an ancient military outpost of low medieval origin erected to defend and control the lake and surrounding villages from the Longobard queen Teodolinda. Located in a militarily and commercially strategic place from which dominates the entire center of Lake Como and for this inhabited since the Iron Age, the Castle was associated in the past with the village of Varenna and connected to it by two long arms of walls that encircled it to the lake, protecting the country and its inhabitants in the frequent wars and looting that shook the territory throughout the Middle Ages.

Immersed in the greenery of one of the most northerly olive groves in the world, thanks to the thermoregulation effect of the Lake’s waters, the Castle, open and open from March to November, occasionally hosts exhibitions of various kinds of works of art in the garden and permanently , inside the tower, an exhibition on the Lariosauro, prehistoric marine reptile come to light for the first time in the world a few hundred meters from the Castle.