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Lake Como

The territory of the Lake Como is characterized by an abundance of natural environments and for this reason offers itineraries to suit any trips to nature lovers and will know better than walking along a short stretch of trail, as well as the more experienced walker and trained.

Areas of Lake Como and Lake Lugano, populated since ancient times, are full of trails and roads that have been gradually replaced by new routes easier.

In the past the territory of each municipality stretches from the shores to the top of the mountains behind: each band of altitude presents particular characteristics that were exploited at certain times of the year.

In tranche, ie the “alp” pastures for summer grazing of livestock, at an altitude of about a thousand yards the so-called “munt”, villages whose houses were open only in summer, on the banks eventually were located “pais”, towns in permanently.

These ancient pathways have been recently discovered (they are maintained and reported by the Mountain Community, in collaboration with the local section of CAI and CAI Menaggio Menaggio Youth Mountaineering section) for the extraordinary beauty of the views it offers and for their undoubted historical value.

On the territory there is the presence of a bike path, which takes the path of the old railway line to Lake Como (Lario) Lake Lugano (Lugano).